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Mr Malik and conspiracy theories … or are they?

Posted in Uncategorized by osamabinjavaid on April 18, 2011

The Pakistani interior minister has been called many things but a spy master is a new pseudonym. An elaborate account claims that he not only runs a spy agency but goes on to hint at his alleged involvement with the Benazir murder case. And of course Mr Malik denies all that.

A flawed relationship built on mistrust with Washington and Delhi, the recent handling of the Raymond Davis affair, claiming to have arrested all involved in the Benazir murder case and frequent statements on the inability to stop Drone attacks, all put Mr Malik in the limelight. Analysts believe Rehman Malik was told to stay clear of the Davis because of his love for the cameras. Some question his beginnings from an ordinary officer to the country’s top man on security. But whatever the case, he has proven to be a remarkable people’s man building bridges between political adversaries from Musharraf to MQM.

What do you think ???

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