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#WeAreAllHazara **

Posted in Uncategorized by osamabinjavaid on January 23, 2013

It’s unprecedented.
Women, children and elderly have been protesting with 86 dead bodies of their loved ones. The cold weather and similar treatment by the authorities have had no effect on their resolve. These are the Hazaras of Quetta. The city that saw more than a hundred deaths in a sectarian attack on January 10.

And their plight has gripped the Pakistani nation. Protests and sit-ins spread like wildfire in all major cities after the victims decided to stand their ground. Their demand is being echoed in all four provinces – the dismissal of the inept Balochistan government.

The bombing was indiscriminate, it took the lives of Shias, Sunnis, journalists, rescue workers and policemen I spoke to journalists and the civil society, who are all surprised at the utter incompetence of the concerned authorities. The Inspector General of police was reportedly present in the city but the death of nine police officers did not make him get out of a warm room. The Chief minister is abroad and after a grave tragedy, hasn’t considered cancelling his private business. And what can one say about the elected representatives. None of the 64 members of the provincial assembly, who by the way are all ministers, was present in the provincial capital.

And it’s this performance of the state machinery which has led the Hazaras to demand a military intervention. They want a surgical operation against the Lashkar I Jahngvi’s radical fighters who boasted about killing Shias. They want the governor of Balochistan to take charge and give the responsibility of maintain law and order to the corps commander.

The attempt to create a sectarian divide hasn’t worked – well at least so far. Leaders of the Hazara committee say Shia Hazaras have been targeted for the past 13 years. But they have existed peacefully and there is no Shia-Sunni divide. Their anger is aimed at a bunch of terrorists who – according to them – are being funded by foreign governments. They say these terrorists are anti-Pakistan and should be brought to justice. The demand seeking justice for killers is not unique to Quetta, victims in Swat, Karachi, Peshawar are all waiting.

All hope is not lost. A popular politician Imran Khan has made his way to Quetta to show solidarity. Pakistan’s biggest opposition party – the Muslim League Nawaz intends to join the protesters. Even government allies like the MQM have condemned the killings. And the country’s largest Islamic party, the Jamat I Islami has announced its support to stop the cleansing of Hazaras.
And Pakistan’s youth is also fed up. Activists from various parts of Pakistan and not just Shias are taking to the streets. In Lahore their chants haven’t stopped for over 48 hours, in Karachi they are occupying the encroached land in front or president Zardari’s palace and similar scenes can be seen across the country.

Maybe, just maybe, this tragedy can result in protecting the rights of the Hazaras and other minorities in Pakistan. There is only so long you can let your loved ones dead body remain on the road….

**The post was written before the dismissal of the Balochistan government To date the people who went missing after the attacks havent been found or heard from


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