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Osama Bin Javaid

Osama Bin Javaid is an active member of civil society and a broadcast journalist. He believes that Journalism is an invisible pillar of the state, which continues to serve as a watchdog on the walls of society. Osama has nearly a decade of experience with government agencies, media and the Non-governmental organizations. Currently he works for Al Jazeera English.


As a  broadcast journalist based out of Pakistan, Osama Bin Javaid worked for the country’s leading news channel, DawnNews. He ensured that the channel highlighted social, political and economic issues by setting independent news agendas through regular bulletins and non-mouthpiece programming. He is a member of Journalists associations in Pakistan.


He’s also held talks in Washington and conducted workshops and training sessions for journalist associations in Pakistan. Javaid also works to ensure giving voice to the less-fortunate, who are otherwise ignored by the media and overpowered by the elite. He volunteered during the unprecedented floods and the devastating earthquake of 2005 and 2008. He has reported on politics, courts, economics, social issues and natural disasters along with various other elements. Osama Bin Javaid has thorough understanding of governance, checks and balances, counter-corruption, crime, education, and health.


In 2006 Javaid represented Pakistan for a course on International Leadership organized by the United Nations University International Leadership Institute (UNU-ILI). The course was organized to promote, encourage and facilitate leadership development for a secure, just, humane and democratic world through a three-pronged approach of capacity development, undertaking research and creating public awareness. Osama Bin Javaid acknowledges that there is a lack of understanding of journalism and reporting in the right perspective, which has resulted in a lot of talking heads on TV screens in Pakistan.


Over the years Javaid has worked for BBC, Reuters and a specialized TV channel for teachers funded by the Department of Education and Skills UK. Osama is also a part of Agahi, an initiative which aims to increase the capacity of Investigative Journalism and Responsible Reporting in Pakistan. He has moderated highly interactive training sessions for over a 100 journalists in Multan Press Club and Kashmir Press Club – Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The programme covers Investigative Journalism and Ethics, Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Organisation Funding, Journalism and Society “Millennium Development Goals’’, Reporting in Terrorism and Conflict, Social Media and Journalism and Safety Training.


After the death of his friend Saleem Shahzad, he was invited to City University New York to speak on Media Wars: Journalists Generals and Jihadis. You can get in touch with him on Twitter@osamabinjavaid 


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