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Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead — ‘huh’ said Pakistani leadership

A massive failure on Pakistan’s part – I was nodding in agreement with CIA’s Panetta when he said either they (Pakistani govt, army, intelligence) are incompetent or involved; there is no third plausible explanation. For years we’ve been told that the military and the air force are well prepared to guard Pakistan’s borders; Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are not in Pakistan; We are fight someone else’s war; There are no good Taliban; The US trusts us etc etc. The stark contrast between each statement and Pakistan are making conspiracy theorists wildest dreams come true. Conspiracy theories after Osama Bin Laden’s death have been doing the rounds. Here are a few questions some real, some stretching imaginations and some plainly comical.

1. Are the stories about links between Osama, Omar Saeed Sheikh, ISI, and the CIA are a decade old?
2. Are the fuzzy facts of the recent Bin Laden killing accurate?
3. Who ordered to shoot Bin Laden in the head and dump his body in the sea?
4. Will AlQaeda” seek revenge?
5. Are the 5 videos released by Pentagon real or fake? When were they shot?
6. Is it Osama Bin Laden watching his own video or is it someone else?
7. Will face another humiliation if Nukes are taken away in a dark night?
8. How capable is the PAF as Air Defence command had no coverage on the Western sector?
9. Did the US use hi-tech stealth helicopters?
10. Will Pakistan hand back Osama’s wives and evidence capture from the abbottabad compound?
11. Did Osama resist arrest?
13. Were the 2 airborne PAF F-16s not allowed to engage?
14. Are Pakistan’s nuclear assets well guarded?
15. Is Osama really dead? Was he dead in 2002? goo.gl/9LaHa
16. Why does the U.S. account of the attack keeps changing?
17. Why the fishy decision to bury him at sea – Muslim ritual, or deep-sea coverup?
18. Do those who don’t believe Obama was born in the U.S also don’t believe Osama was killed in Pakistan?
19. Did The U.S. just stage a fake attack to make us think they did?
20. Did Obama do it to trump Donald Trump who’s been questioning Obama’s birthplace?
21. Was Osama killed, but not when they say he was?
22. Why now?
23. Did the U.S use Osama’s terror to launch the Global War on Toothpaste, sunscreens, face creams and murderous moisturizers?
24. Was Osama killed but not HOW they say he was. Was the attack botched?
25. Was Osama just a secret agent? Were the 9/11 bombings really a U.S. government operation led by Osama?
26. Did the CIA killed him because Osama knew too much, so they went to Pakistan to silence him permanently?
27. Who gave the order of an assassination rather than a capture and trial?
28. Why isn’t there a photograph of bin Laden’s body?
29. Was he actually buried at sea?
30. Was Bin Laden transported from Pakistan to Afghanistan for DNA analysis, then was taken to be buried somewhere in the northern Arabian sea?
31. Was the U.S. govt afraid that the gravesite could be used as a shrine?
32. When will the exact location of Bin Laden’s final resting place be known?
33. Why is there a lack of photographic evidence?
34. Why did the killing happen at the eighth anniversary of President George W. Bush’s so-called “Mission Accomplished” speech?
35. Is this coincidence an opportunity to use “Mission Accomplished” as a rallying cry or a carefully planned public relations act?
36. Did Bin Laden originally deny having any involvement in the 9/11 attacks?
37. DID the 2001 video released by Pentagon show a man Pres Bush believed was bin Laden confessing to planning the attacks?
38. Was it really his sister as Osama was identified through facial recognition and DNA provided by the brain of his deceased sister?
39. Why did killing coincidentally happen as it was the beginning of Zombie Awareness Month?
40. Why was living near the capital city, beside a training academy; undetected by military forces?
41. Why aren’t there any videos or REAL interviews after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001?
42. Why did the Americans not take Osama‘s wives?
43. Who will lead Al Qaeda?
44. ………

Do you have any unanswered questions???

A serving of Media Review 2009

I was getting tired of watching year reviews when I stumbled across this list of everything in 2009. http://www.fimoculous.com/year-review-2009.cfm

I’ve taken out the most interesting bits from the media industry…happy reading!

The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

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The Other Story – Education Under threat

We have started a weekly news show “the other story” bringing you the untold elements of stories you hear every day.

We take a look at the untold stories in Pakistan and possible solutions to make things better.

This week we will be looking at one of the most fundamental building blocks for human development and sustenance. When given the opportunity to achieve their own goals, people are empowered to contribute fully to the development of their communities, societies, and economies.

The other story this week is Education Under Threat

We begin with Karachi. The threat to education is multipronged. Somewhere its terrorism, some places its negligence AND some places lack the infrastructure altogether. We have visited one of many government schools where the lack of basic facilities are threatening the very fabric of the provision of a fundamental right to the children.

Private schools have become a necessity for contemporary Pakistani society since the government has failed to provide quality education for its population.

A majority of parents, even those from lower income brackets, send their children to private schools so they can receive an education that will enable them to be competitive

Our correspondent Sophia Jamal visits a city govt run school in Karachi and reports about how imparting knowledge is under threat.

Throughout this week on dawn news we will ask the relevant policy makers on how to make things better. We then go to Quetta where repeated closure of educational institutions in Balochistan has severely affected students. Especially the students of winter zone of the province are affected with exams fast approaching.
Not just that but target killings of school and college principals has also brought the infrastructure of education to a halt. Syed Ali Shah INVESTIGATES.

Then we go to Lahore where ensuring the security of students has forced the Punjab government to close down school and universities alike. This unprecedented decision raised several questions not only about its impact on the students and the masses but also about how seriously the government is willing to fulfill its duties. Our correspondent Sana Saif takes up the issue.

We then go to Peshawar where almost every day we hear about a bomb or a suicide attack in the NWFP..the focus stays on security, counter-terror and emergency services. But is the younger generation being neglected, does anyone ever go back to the schools which were blown up my militants, what about the teachers who have to show up and are parents willing to send out their children. Mumtaz Bangash investigates the plight in the NWFP.

And finally we take a look at possible solutions and cross over to Islamabad where the federal minister for education Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani joins us… We ask Mr Bijarani..

Q1.) Lets begin with the NWFP..Parents teachers and the very fabric of education is under threat…..Does the education ministry have a plan for the solution?

Q2.) There is a similar situation in Balochistan where educators are being targeted, institutions being threatened and a sense of insecurity clubbed with a lack of schools to begin with, what are you doing for Balochistan?

Q3.) Over in the Punjab the government says it cannot provide security to all schools so the institutions must come up with their own plans..Some schools have started charging additional fee for security do you have a check and balance system…how are you dealing with the situation there?

Q4.) But you do realize that the situation in Sindh is completely different. Education is under threat due to mismanagement and negligence. Unpaid teachers, lack of facilities, thousands upon thousands of ghost schools…What is being done for the province of Sindh?

Want to know what the education minister said…watch the other story on youtube…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNhxWnw9bko


our email address is —- otherstory AT dawnnews DOT tv —- and you can also find us on facebook